Benchtop Shapes

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Benchtop Shapes

What kind of benchtop best suits your new kitchen?

One of the key elements in a kitchen design is that of the benchtop. Most people give careful consideration to the shape, colour, pattern, size and height of the benchtop in their new kitchen design as it is a main feature of the kitchen. The benchtop is not only functional, but has the potential to be quite beautiful and unique if all these considerations are designed and chosen carefully. Most benchtops appear linear and rectangular. But engineered stone, genuine stone, and acrylic benchtops can be designed and cut or moulded into interesting shapes. An ā€œLā€ shaped island benchtop can be created, even out of laminate surfaces which are mostly linear.

Curves and layers can be created out of stone. Acrylic surfaces can be moulded into interesting shapes and curved on the edges or moulded into a splashback with no visible seams. The kitchen designers at The Kitchen Design Centre are committed to creating the right bench space for your requirements, interests, and lifestyle. Use your imagination! Creating a beautiful and interesting benchtop area can be just the thing to put the finishing touch on your unique kitchen design.

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