Accessorise Your Drawers

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Accessorise Your Drawers

Available for drawers, is specialty accessories for easier access and better organising.

Since practical storage is all the rage, drawers are the most popular form of accessing your kitchen items. But, did you know there are accessories available for inside the drawers that make organising a dream? Depending on your storage needs, some of these options will be the perfect solution and some won’t but just because it’s not pictured below, doesn’t mean it’s not possible so chat with your Kitchen Designer about what you need.

Why do drawers need accessories?
Well, to be honest, some of them won’t. But a lot of times, these accessories make storing and sorting your kitchen items much easier. For example, if you store taller bottles of drink or oil in a drawer, the motion of opening the closing the drawer can knock the bottles over. To avoid this, you could use drawer dividers to support the bottle from behind so it doesn’t fall over. Another example would be for the storage of spices and herb. If your kitchen design doesn’t allow for spice and herb storage directly next to your cooktop, you can store your spices and herbs in a removable tray in the pantry. When you need them, you simply carry the tray from the pantry to the bench next to your cooktop then replace when you’re finished using them. Both of these examples are pictured below to better understand how they work.

Remember that drawer storage and accessories are only one solution for your kitchen but there are a number of other products on the market that making storing easy too. Check out our other articles for these ideas: Pantry Solutions for Every KitchenCorner SolutionsUnder The Sink