A Private Island Or A Vast Peninsula

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A Private Island Or A Vast Peninsula

Is an island or a peninsula the best option for your kitchen?

One of the most important decisions to be made in designing the footprint of a kitchen is the layout of the cabinetry that supports the benchtop. This will largely be determined by the shape of the room itself. But homes that have an open plan area, common in many homes these days, lend toward either an island bench area or a peninsula shaped bench area. Both shapes have their benefits and a kitchen designer can help work out the right solution for any kitchen.

An island bench is a structure that stands alone. It houses its own set of drawers or cupboards, and, by standing alone, allows access to the kitchen from two sides. The benchtop surface can be made to be the hero piece in the kitchen by being different to the benchtop surface running along the wall/s.  A beautiful piece of marble or timber can be used as a feature, or a dramatic colour can create an effective contrast to a plain colour to create a “wow” factor.

A peninsula shaped bench is an extension of the bench running along the wall, usually jutting out on a 90 degree angle. It can however, come out from the wall at any angle to create an interesting kitchen layout shape.  Increasing the angle can open up the internal floor space, lengthen the bench space and smooth out the traffic flow. Being attached to the wall may mean one entrance to the kitchen area, but it also creates a corner cupboard for more storage space.  A clever kitchen designer will create a clever design for this type of bench area.

Giving careful thought to the bench space in a kitchen is extremely important. It can be the very thing that makes a kitchen unique, the thing that makes it stand out from the rest.