What is acrylic?

Acrylic surfaces provide the ultimate in high gloss finishes. It’s extreme, mirror-like finish is second-to-none and offers a variety of plain and metallic colours to complete the high-end look. Acrylic, a technologically advanced product, is essentially a plastic surface which is mounted to an E-0 MR MDF (low emission, moisture resistant, medium density fibreboard) using a lamination process. For the environmentally conscious, acrylic is also VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free, the colour pigments used are free from heavy metals i.e. lead, and it’s also able to be recycled. The colour-fade and UV resistant surface technology surpasses current Australian standard.
Since acrylic is a plastic product it does have some flexibility, however is only available as a flat door surface (no profiling). Its original thickness is approximately 1.5mm which makes it too thick to mould into the shapes of a profile door. If you’re interested in a handle-less kitchen, a shadow-line or shark-nose top edge is available.
Acrylic is only available in a gloss finish but offers three different edge styles; matching, glass bead and aluminium. Not all suppliers offer all the options so be sure to check with your supplier before purchasing.

Matching Edge Glass Bead Edge Aluminium Edge
Matching                                            Glass Bead                                          Aluminium

Shadowline Edge

The care and maintenance of acrylic is simple enough but different to that of other surfaces. Because of the nature of the acrylic itself, a microfiber or glass-cleaning cloth should be used to prevent scratching during cleaning. There are also products available to help protect the surface and refinish if any scratching has occurred. Be sure to not use any cleaning products containing alcohol, solvents, abrasives, acetone, paraffin, petrol, oils or glass cleaner. These chemicals will damage the surface. Warm soapy water and a microfiber or glass-cleaning cloth is the best for cleaning this surface.

Our showrooms in Eltham and Blackburn have acrylic doors on display so you’re able to see what the surface looks like. During your design consultation process, be sure to discuss this product with your Designer to know if it’s the best option for you and your household.

Two of the leading brands of acrylic are ULTRAglaze and StyleLite

Some of the leading suppliers of acrylic include:
Polytec, Tesrol, Albedor, Janper

Here are a few of our stunning acrylic kitchens.

TKDC - Croydon Hills - Dan A TKDC - Wantirna - Dan 2