Absolute Rubbish!


Waste management systems in your kitchen.

With all the tasks we need to complete in the kitchen, waste management is a very important consideration.  These days we are encouraged to minimize trash and maximize recycling and compost. All of this can take up a lot of room in the kitchen, especially when placed inside cupboards or drawers.  This is where clever design and space management is very important. The kitchen designers at The Kitchen Design Centre are trained and experienced at managing all considerations regarding waste management. Spaces can be designed with bins for rubbish, for recycling and for compost in various sizes depending on your requirements. Häfele bins, for example, can be fit into drawers, or a cupboard or drawer can be created especially for them. Servo-drive by Blum is an innovative opening system that works with electricity to open the drawer. The Servo-drive system allows for handleless opening with a simple touch of the drawer front which is perfectly practical when your hands are dirty or full.
There is a solution for every kitchen requirement.  Follow our “Bin Ideas” board on Pinterest or see pictures below for styles that might be right for your kitchen design. Also, a visit to either our Eltham or Blackburn showrooms will show you a number of different options in fully set up kitchens.


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