What is 2pac?

2pac is a term thrown around a lot lately as a popular finish for cabinet doors, but most people don’t really know what it is or how it can be used.

When it’s broken down, 2pac consists of two liquids; one is a resin composed of acrylic paint and melamine, and the other is a hardener such as polyisocyanate or polyurethane. When the two liquids are mixed together a chemical reaction occurs that causes the mix to harden. Due to the small amount of solvent present, the finish is very hard.
The process of applying 2pac is a specialty field which requires a strict, dust free and warm environment, with a powerful ventilation system. The equipment and expertise needed for this process makes it one of the more expensive products available on the market.
Since 2pac is essentially a painted product, you can choose any paint colour you like. In addition to this, the gloss-level is also an option. Often time’s people assume that 2pac is only available in a gloss finish but this isn’t the case. You can choose the percentage of shine; 30% is satin, 60% is semi-gloss, 100% is gloss. In addition to colour and gloss-level, 2pac can also be used on any style or profile of door. Because it starts in a liquid form, there are no restrictions on the door style on which it can be used. In fact, you can 2pac almost anything, provided it’s a surface the paint can adhere to.
Due to the hard surface created by the 2pac process, if the cabinet door is hit hard enough, the 2pac can chip. In a way, it’s similar to the paint of a car. It’s very hardwearing but damage can be done, just like anything else, if it’s hit hard enough. For minor chips, touch up paint can be provided by the company applying the 2pac so you can repair them yourself. If major damage is done, it’s possible to have the whole panel resprayed. Because the product is essentially paint, the colour can match.
To clean a 2pac surface use a cleaning product free from solvents and abrasives with a microfiber cloth to wipe over.

Our showrooms in Eltham and Blackburn have 2pac doors on display so you’re able to see what the surface looks like. During your design consultation process, be sure to discuss this product with your Designer to know if it’s the best option for you and your household.

Here are a few of our stunning 2pac kitchens.

TKDC - Melbourne - Mike 4 TKDC - Templestowe - Corey 1

TKDC - Canterbury - Mike 12 TKDC - Berwick B - Corey 1

TKDC - Kew - Corey 10