2017 Trends – Part 2

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As 2017 is fast approaching, it’s time to look into some of the trends we expect to see. We’ll show you all the features and colours that are hot in Europe and influencing the market in a huge way.  Kitchens have come a long way over the last 10 years but as technology continues to improve, there is no end to the possibilities for your space. Social media being what it is today, these trends hit our shores faster than ever before.

Our designers have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to trends so I chatted with them about what their predictions are for the New Year. You might be surprised by their answers!

Organic Colours & Materials
The organic trend has been around for a while now but it’s not showing any signs of waning in popularity. Gone are the days where an all-white, glossy kitchen is popular, people want tactile surfaces, minimal gloss and a homely, warm feeling. Textured laminates for doors and panels are a durable and cost effective way of achieving this look or you can splurge on veneer to introduce a real timber finish. TKDC Designer, Suzzanne Blades predicts that for benchtops, a honed stone surface will be the top seller for 2017. If real stone, such as marble or granite, isn’t quite what you’re after, then you’re still in luck. A lot of the reconstituted stone companies offer this soft, honed finish on their products meaning you get the best of both worlds for maintenance free stone and price.
TKDC Designer, Michael Simpson, expects to see a surge in timber sales.  Whether it’s natural or man-made, the print and texture of timber will be very popular in 2017. There won’t be a limit to where it will be used; floor, door fronts, benchtops, wall panelling, etc. People will be brave and with a designers help, the space will be well balanced, inviting and practical to work in.

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Tiled or Stone Splashbacks
Since there’s a move away from glossy or polished surfaces, glass splashbacks are included in this. The popular trends for 2017 is tile or stone splashbacks that bring character, warmth and texture to the space. The common hesitation we often hear towards using tiles is around issues with the grout. But it’s important to remember that new grout behaves very differently to old grout. New grout will be fresh and easy to clean and if it’s wiped after used, as you would your benchtop or cooktop, it will be a breeze to maintain. An elegant stone slab can also be used behind the cooktop. Usually it’s the same colour as the benchtop to avoid introducing too many different products. TKDC Designer, Corey Johnson, feels strongly about the tiled splashback and its major come-back. With such a wide range of the options on the market at the moment, it’s easy to find something that suits every kitchen style.

Tile Splashback 2 Tile Splashback 1

Stone splashback 1 Stone splashback 2


Practical Kitchens
A practical kitchen that has been well thought out, designed and manufactured can go a long way in making home life easier. Because life is so busy these days and time is precious for all, making a kitchen practical and functional should be the top priority when designing a new kitchen in 2017. One of the most essential design tips when creating a new kitchen is to store the kitchen items where they are most used. For example; spices, herbs and sauces should be stored beside the cooktop, and tea, coffee and mugs should be stored in or near the appliance pantry where the kettle is located. Less walking makes for a more efficient use of time. During the design process, our Designers listen to your needs so the kitchen can be designed to suit your specific requirements. While custom kitchens are on the rise, this is something that will never go out of style! TKDC Designer, Suzzanne Blades, says it’s incredibly important to not just listen but also understand the needs of the client as that is how you can design a concept that actually works for them as a household. It’s really a waste of time to design anything else!
As technology in the kitchen industry continues to improve, and not just in an electrical sense, TKDC Designer, Daniel Stelzer, expects to see more and more of these practical hardware options incorporated into each kitchen. Whether it’s a kitchen to enjoy yourself for the short term or one you plan on growing old in, there is little better to spend your money on than good quality and practical hardware for inside your cabinets.

Practical 1 Practical 2

Practical 3 Practical 4

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