2017 Colour Trends

Blue Kitchen

Pantone is the biggest predictor of colour trends in the industry. They are often spot on with their predictions as we watch their trend colours boom into the interiors industry. Here are their chosen colours for 2017.

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Some people panic when you mention the words colour and kitchen in the same sentence. Others couldn’t think of anything more perfect. Colour and the application of it is an incredibly personal reflection. It dictates how we set up our homes as we choose the colours we enjoy, or find relaxing, or inspire us. This is why when you go into someone else’s home you might not feel settled; the colours don’t reflect your personality but theirs. Sometimes an affiliation with a theme can connect you with colours you like (eg. Moroccan or Scandinavian) but it’s the colours used that significantly direct the execution of that theme.
So, how can colours help translate into a kitchen style? As we all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. With that said, it should be the truest reflection of ourselves and our tastes.  But how do we do this in a way that stays on trend and doesn’t break the bank? Because the kitchen is the most expensive room in the house to renovate, how do we show our personalities without wanting to change the kitchen again in 5 years?


For the brave:
If you’re one of those people that loves colour and all that it makes them feel, this section is for you. Go bold or go home! That’s your motto!
This is your chance to do something different. Take a risk and, for example, use Pink Yarrow as the island back panel or Island Paradise for the overhead cabinets in a dry matt finish. Niagara or Lapis Blue would make striking base cabinets to an island bench with a captivating stone or timber benchtop.
While you certainly wouldn’t use all of these ideas within the one space, independently they bring so much personality and charisma.

Blue Kitchen 1 Island bench 1 Pink Kitchen 1


For the conservative:
If you’re someone who enjoys colour but doesn’t want to take any risks on the kitchen, this was written for you.
The best way to play it safe with colours is to use the “neutral with accent” approach. The kitchen cabinetry and benchtops can stay within the neutral tones (whites, greys, beiges) while the accents can bring in the fun and on-trend colours into the accessories, splashback or wall. This is usually a more cost effective approach and easier to change if you get tired of the colours.

Green Wall 1 Blue Splashback

Pink Accessories 1

Dulux has cleverly put together a booklet to help you navigate the 2017 trend colours throughout your home. See it here.

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