2016 Kitchen Trends – Part 2

Pendant Lights

With so many options bouncing around in the kitchen industry, it’s hard to know what style is really on trend and what looks are keeping their feet firmly planted in people’s minds as we move into 2016. To make sure I give you the most relevant information, I sat down with each of our designers and asked them to tell me what they see coming in in 2016, what clients are asking for and what the industry is doing. You might be pleasantly surprised by some of the ideas!


Minimalism and Gloss Are Out
Gone are the days where people want gloss doors, gloss benchtops, gloss floorboards or tiles and glass splashbacks. Gloss is an incredibly smooth finish that reflects a lot of light, because of this, natural light bounces around and reflects different colours. What helps to balance the light are surfaces that actually absorb it and stop the light from bouncing from surface to surface. Finishes that do this are matt in feel or textured.
Our designer, Suzzanne Blades, says the concept of a minimalistic kitchen is also decreasing in popularity at the moment. It’s not about becoming a bigger consumer, but more about putting what you do have out on display. For example, have open shelving overhead to display glassware, bowls or books and make a feature out of our everyday items.

Textured Overhead open shelving 

Textured 2 Industrial


Eclectic All The Way
Kitchens today are all about doing things differently, or should I say, to suit your style. Are you one of those people who likes a few different styles but can’t decide on just one and isn’t sure how to mix them all together either? Or do you have a style you love but would like to add a quirky feature so it doesn’t look like everyone else’s?
There are a few features you could add to personalise your kitchen that are right on trend for 2016. Designer, John Crooks, predicts the use of unfitted furniture coming back, planking (vertical boards that create doors) and joining stone and timber benchtops. And, if your house allows, you could head down the path of a shaker style door with industrial fittings; a very current style.

Eclectic Unfitted Furniture Planking 1 Planking 2

Planking 3


Going Big
Corey Johnson has been keeping an eye on flooring trends as a lot of our clients will change their floor when they renovate their kitchen. A popular feature that’s really starting to come through is large slabs. Large tiles are available but also porcelain can be used in sheets such as products like Neolith or Quantum Six+. Dekton is another slab like product. Wider timber is being predicted for 2016 now too; wider planks, larger scale parquetry or even large sheets of plywood stained or even painted.
In addition to increasing flooring size, lighting is on it’s way up too. Down lights are still desired and needed for task lighting but adding large ceiling pendants really adds character to the space. This will help to take it from a mundane, everyday kitchen to a well-thought-out, designer kitchen. Suzzanne Blades says this feature was big in 2015 and will continue into 2016.

Large Floor tiles Large Floor tiles 2

Pendant Lights 2 Pendant Lights