2016 Kitchen Trends – Part 1


Planning to renovate your kitchen in the new year? Here’s what you need to know!            
With so many options bouncing around in the kitchen industry, it’s hard to know what style is really on trend and what looks are keeping their feet firmly planted in people’s minds as we move into 2016. To make sure I give you the most relevant information, I sat down with each of our designers and asked them to tell me what they see coming in in 2016, what clients are asking for and what the industry is doing. You might be pleasantly surprised by some of the ideas!

Woodgrain and Timber
A major trend of 2015 that is set to continue through 2016 is the woodgrain laminates and timber colours. Our designer, William Speed, says that “textured woodgrain laminates are increasingly popular at the moment with a lot of clients requesting them”. Laminate is a very durable product and comes in a flat surface which means it imitates veneer beautifully but without the care or maintenance. Timber colours that cleverly mix browns and greys are often popular and offer clients the option of going either warm or cool with their flooring, paint or splashback colours.

Woodgrain 2 Woodgrain 1

Woodgrain 4 Woodgrain

Tactile Surfaces
Life is about experiences and what better experience than that of touch. Certain surfaces evoke different feelings towards that product; how smooth does it feel, does it feel slippery or dry, does it feel real or fake, warm or cold? Your experience in your kitchen can provide these same feelings. When it comes to trends, tactile surfaces are all the rage. It’s not about having only a textured surface; it’s about mixing finishes together. For example, a smooth, glossy benchtop with textured, woodgrain open shelving above and soft, matt finish on the drawers below; the balance is complete. All of our designers say this trend has been around for a little while now and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Tactile 1 Tactile 4

Tactile 2 Tactile 3

Modern Classic and Manhattan Style
An incredibly inspiring wave hitting the industry hard is the “modern classic” or “Manhattan style”. People seem to be moving away from the French provincial and Hampton’s styles and more towards a modern taken on a traditional look. Designer, Daniel Stelzer, is enjoying the Manhattan wave at the moment and says “it’s the new modern”. The modern classic/Manhattan style usually incorporates a shaker style door, open shelving or minimal overhead cabinets and subway tile splashbacks all in black and white colours. Black and white can often be quite harsh but when mixed in with the classic style, it softens and becomes elegant and sophisticated. The Toorak kitchen designed by Peter Schelfhout is a stunning example of this current trend.

Manhattan 3 Manhattan 2 Manhattan


I hope you’ve found this week’s instalment of 2016 Kitchen Trends to be inspiring! Keep an eye out for next week’s news where we will continue the discussion.