2016 Kitchen Trends – Part 1

Planning to renovate your kitchen in the new year? Here's what you need to know!             With so many options bouncing around in the kitchen industry, it’s hard to know what style is really on trend and what looks are keeping their feet… See More

Profiles Tell The Story

A large consideration when choosing your new kitchen is whether to have a flat door or a door with a profile. A flat door is simply a flat surface on the outside of the door with a standard square edge. This style can be finished in a wide range of produc… See More

The Tap Dance

When considering your kitchen renovation, the tapware poses a very important topic. The tap is one of the most commonly used appliances in the kitchen and can often be overlooked due its simplicity however, the style and function of the tap is crucial to … See More

Decorative Doors

The most common trend in kitchens today is for them to be custom made. This is because people want to personalise their space according to their home, lifestyle and personal taste. There are many always to meet these style criteria but this week we’re g… See More

Under The Sink

In your average kitchen, access to the under sink cupboard can be tricky and it is easily the biggest “wasted” space in the kitchen. Well, not anymore! There are solutions to make this space practical, functional and still attractive which means you … See More

The Finish Is In The Edge

Sometimes, it’s the small decisions that really make all the difference when completing the look of your kitchen and when it comes to the benchtop, it’s important take your time and really consider the look you would like to achieve. No matter what co… See More

No Artificial Colours

Black & White KitchensOne unfailing trend in kitchens is the stunning combination of black and white. It can successfully work in any style of kitchen and in almost any home. Our Eltham Showroom has a beautiful black and white kitchen on display t… See More

Make it a Mini Kitchen

The clever Mini Kitchen or BarThe mini kitchen or bar area idea is an entertainer’s lifesaver! It provides the perfect place for guests (or even the kids) to be able to help themselves to drinks, wine or coffee without getting in the way while you… See More