Creative Benchtop Design

Creative Benchtop Design Get creative with your benchtop Possibly the most important space in a kitchen is the benchtop area. Every time you are in your kitchen your benchtop will be used. For this reason it is important to not only have a functional an… See More

Your Design, Your Way

Your Design, Your Way Designer kitchen, designed your way! We all have different levels at which we want to have a say in our kitchen design. Some of us have very little in the way of ideas and really need the kitchen designer to give us clear guidance.… See More

Selecting the Right Fridge

Selecting the Right Fridge Designer kitchen needs a new fridge but which do you choose? There are lots of things to consider when selecting a fridge; size and colour are just the beginning. While we don't sell appliances at The Kitchen Design Centre, we… See More

Create a Wish List

Create a Wish List Wants and needs can sometimes be two different things, creating a wish list will help to distinguish between the two. At The Kitchen Design Centre we work very closely with our clients to create a kitchen design that is perfect for th… See More

Our Kitchen Showrooms

Our Kitchen Showrooms Our Kitchen Showrooms - Eltham and Blackburn The Kitchen Design Centre has two state of the art showrooms with full kitchen displays. The Eltham location is home to 6 kitchens and 1 study nook and the Blackburn location has 8 kitch… See More