Suzzanne Blades

Mother, cook & dedicated kitchen designer.

Kitchens and the people who inhabit them are my passion. I have a background in Graphic Design and Catering.

As the kitchen is the hub of the home, how we feel while using them is of utmost importance. The way families interact and the effect on one’s lifestyle is brought into sharp focus in the kitchen.

Functionality… Zoning… Traffic Flow… Common Sense Design.

I enjoy the process of material selection and maintaining the up to date knowledge required to keep my clients on trend.

When I am not sitting in my design studio you’ll find me in the garden, on my bike and yes, in my own kitchen on the Mornington Peninsula cooking for family and friends.

My energy is reflected in detailed client communication and the joy of the end result. Happy faces in a beautiful new space… Wow!

See some of Suzzanne’s kitchens here:
Mont AlbertYallambie
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Watch our video below titled “Yallambie Kitchen Renovation – Time Lapse” to see Suzzanne working with her clients and the renovation as it happens: